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04/08/18 the sea captain  McKOWN,S  LOST AT SEA IN GLOUSTER MASS. Archives Katelynn Vance
01/09/18 Please provide an Excel spreadsheet that includes residential condominiums with owner names, prop... Assessors Nancy Papows
09/21/17 Would like to request an excel file on any multifamily properties in Gloucester that are 4+ units... Assessors Nancy Papows
02/13/18 Dear Gloucester Assessors Office, We would like to kindly request an electronic copy of the FY20... Assessors Nancy Papows
04/02/18 Please provide a spreadsheet that includes property owners of second homes with mailing addresses... Assessors Nancy Papows
06/06/18 Requesting DBAs or newly filed business certificates for May 2018. City Clerk Joanne Senos
02/20/18 All new Business License's (DBA) for January 2018 please City Clerk Joanne Senos
03/29/18 Any permits or licenses related to the restaurant business related to the property at 116-118 Eas... City Clerk Bill Sanborn
04/02/18 I am requesting a list of the the recently filed business certificates for the month of March 2018. City Clerk Joanne Senos
07/02/18 Please provide list of newly filed Business Certificates for the month of June 2018. Thank you City Clerk Joanne Senos
04/19/18 Requesting names of homeowners on the periphery of the Bass Rocks Golf Course during the year 1938. City Clerk Joanne Senos
06/04/18 Requesting the DBAs, newly filed business certificates for the month of May 2018. Thank You City Clerk Joanne Senos
05/01/18 Requesting a list of all newly filed business certificates for April 2018. DBAs list please City Clerk Joanne Senos
04/02/18 Hi,    I asked for and received Ward 5 list of names and addresses for the purpose of informing... City Clerk Joanne Senos
09/25/17 Requesting certified copy of City Council decision dated June 23, 1998 re: application of Celesti... City Clerk Joanne Senos
10/20/17 Requesting a hard copy of the current Gloucester Zoning Ordinances with amendments. City Clerk Joanne Senos
10/25/17 City Council special permit for 47 Perkins Street (Christopher or Louise Aiken or Aitken) to conv... City Clerk Joanne Senos
12/04/17 Documents related to 7 Aileen Terrace, namely: 1. Application for special permit (height) dated ... City Clerk Joanne Senos
12/07/17 Hello,  May I please have an email of a list of the businesses in Gloucester for 2016 and 2017? ... City Clerk Joanne Senos
12/14/17 Wants the minutes of the City Council meeting in the mid-90s that set the criteria for not plowin... City Clerk Joanne Senos
02/19/18 Hello, I’d like to request a copy of the ZBA application for Courtney Hayes, 1057 Washington Than... Community Development Gregg Cademartori
06/19/17 The name and contact information for the surety of the bond posted by Newport Construction with r... Department of Public Works Michael Hale
06/28/17 Purchasing Department,

We emailed the document to him I am trying to get information on t...
Department of Public Works Stacey Capone
08/02/17 All telephone calls from Marcus Costonis to Seaside Legal Solutions, P.C. (978-627-4500) from Jul... Information Services James Pope
03/03/17 Requesting a copy of the receipt for an open building permit at property 7 Rackliffe Street, Glou... Inspectional Services Bill Sanborn
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